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Build your dream villa in the Dominican Republic.

From conception to completion, we make it easy.

Discover why so many people are making the Dominican Republic their permanent home, vacation retreat or investment area of choice. With so much to offer, the DR is truly paradise, at a fraction of the coast of the rest of the Caribbean. Don't just make this your holiday destination...make it your home.


A satisfied customer is the best recommendation, here a list of ours:

Cabarete                             Frank Kretschmar

                                            Dr. Altmann

Sabaneta                            Gerhard Phillip

Perla Marina                       Brian + Marion Wade

See Horse Ranch                Joe Rosario

                                            Milan Tyburek

                                            Mark Senator

Panorama Village              


Playa Laguna                     Michael Sottmann

Caoba Ranch                      Andrei Belisky

La Mulata III                     Samuel Bjorklund

                                           Al + Margeret Allen

La Mulata II                      John+ Hedi  Schulz

                                          Reinhard Dilg

                                          Colin Dimond

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